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What is 3D Animation?
3D animation walkthrough services are much more powerful than 3D architectural rendering services. As 3D animation allows to convey the whole atmosphere, the mood of a property’s interior and exterior areas along with the right music for a particular video. It is a very powerful sales tool, bringing the emotion of each specific location so that the viewer fully enjoys it.

Why 3D Architectural Animation

with CGI-Kite?
Our well-established team achieves the best results for our clients, delivering precise, real-life-looking, and high-speed results

  • Personalized Solutions
    Creative and skilled art-director and 3D animators who can exactly fulfill the wishes of the client as well as advise their ideas for a better result
  • International Experience

    Working with clients all over the world and we know which design and surrounding is preferred in each country

  • High-Speed Result
    Fast 3D architectural animation project’s execution within deadlines thanks to the well-established system in the company

  • Specialization in 3D animation
    Architects with master’s degrees, a creative art director with long-term experience, 3D animators who specialize exclusively in 3D architectural animation

Creation process
The time for the creation process always depends on each project in particular. But in general, it takes from 4 to 10 days.
Meeting your project
We will get all the required information about the project, including files of drawings, reference pictures, mood board, drafts, sketches, materials. 
Choosing the best solution
We will select the best solution for the implementation of your project, depending on your ness city of interior rendering services and your desired final result.
Contract and technical specifications
We will tell you in detail about your project’s detailed workflow, clarify the technical specifications in the work and sign the contract with you.
Creation process
You are offered a few cameras angles to show the interior from different perspectives. You choose what you like and our 3D artists are working on creating 3d interior renderings.
Making your corrections
After checking the intermediate result, we agree with you on what needs to be changed or improved. We continue to work on the project, taking into account your corrections and wishes.
Final result
CGI Kite team makes 3d interior rendering of high quality. The end result is the interior render in 4K resolution.
Frequently asked questions:
What is a 3D walkthrough?
A 3d photorealistic architectural animation represents a particular property and the surroundings in all its glance. It allows the viewers to visualize the building’s interior areas, exterior perspectives by controlled camera movements.
How do you define a 3D Walkthrough?
A 3d walkthrough is a three-dimensional representation of drawings in two dimensions, which helps to show all the advantages of a building with correctly selected music of camera spans and adjusted lighting that shows primary and secondary 3d models in the best possible light. The 3d animation walkthrough service is a complicated product as per a second there are about 30 exterior or interior renderings in it.

Who can benefit from 3d walkthroughs?
Real estate developers, owners, and agents can significantly benefit if they integrate 3d technology into their business. Talking about marketing, 3d animation for architecture objects helps a lot in advertising.3d visualizing of non-existing property helps a lot to get presales and attracts potential buyers.
Why are 3D Walkthroughs better than 3D Renderings for home builders?
The photorealistic 3D animation is a representation of an existing or under construction property. It is more useful for home builders as they can see the whole vision of the area, look at interior planning and exterior perspectives. 3D visualization will become a guideline for the final result and motivation for its achievement, so it inspires people so that soon, thanks to their efforts, you can get your own luxurious and indescribable atmosphere building in reality.
How do you do interior animation?
To make 3D interior animation, we need planning solutions. To understand how the furniture is located between each other, it is important to provide the floor plan of your building. First, designers select the right furniture and room design. After approval with the client, 3D artists make furniture models. The next step is to animate each piece of furniture. The 3D animator separates animation of certain movements, for example, animation of curtains when the wind blows or animation of dynamic light effects. After that, there is a collection of everything together and rendered.
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