3d Animation Walkthrough Services

3d walkthrough services are a more complex product than 3d exterior or interior renders, that is, it requires a completely different amount of power from the 3d architectural studio itself. Most freelancers or beginner 3d studios cannot provide this at all. Inside the studio, there should be machine servers that are interconnected and that do fast high-quality 3d rendering. It is also very important to mention that the minimum set of people for a high-quality 3d video is one director, two 3d artists, and one animator (a person who creates animations separately for each object). CGI Kite can make a 3d animation tour for your real estate project as we have a team of professionals and powerful equipment.

3D Walkthrough Animation

3d animation walkthrough services are much more powerful than 3d architectural rendering services. As 3d animation allows to convey the whole atmosphere, the mood of a property’s interior and exterior areas along with the right music for a particular video. It is a very powerful sales tool, bringing the emotion of each specific location so that the viewer fully enjoys it.
Let’s take a look at some examples:

Firstly, imagine you have a residential complex designed for a family with children. So that people want to live there they need to be shown a favorable atmosphere and comfort that they expect to get living there. In this case, we were supposed to show playgrounds, lobbies, waiting areas, and infrastructure where you can walk with a stroller under the sky. Calm music is suitable for such a video, creating a feeling of complete consolation.

For the second example, we will look at a real estate luxury business center, with expensive cars in its parking lot. Here we have to show all the luxury of work there, all kinds of benefits and dignity of life. We would force action dynamic music. Only 3d walkthrough animation services can carry all these feelings, intensity. The picture, on the other hand, cannot completely cover the gestalt teaching of emotions.
A 3d animation video tour is such a strong benefit for your real estate business. Of course, it cannot replace the salesperson in the sales department for 100% but can be used as a working separate unit, bringing more clients

Because 3d walkthrough rendering product “tells” the person its story. A 3D video can work better than some other person making a presentation about a residential complex. That is it, not every person will be able to convey and tell about all the details. What layouts, what beautiful interior you will see, etc. A 3D video is a powerful tool, which can work cyclically for a long time by itself, namely, selling and advertising your residential complex.
Having made, conditionally, 90 seconds of video, it can still be divided into 15-20 second videos. And you can make separate shots with general informational content for your Instagram, Facebook pages, or for the website’s different blocks. With interior and exterior zones, with locations inside, separately for each video.
One big video is beneficial because you get not one video, but a large product, divided into different segments.
Everything is relatively simple.
We work in the 3ds Max program with Corona render. We recommend resolving 2K, this is enough to present it on large screens, show it on Instagram, Facebook, separately compiled videos for their format. It can also be done in 4K resolution. But this will take more time because, with a higher resolution, machines render more. We usually do a 3D animation tour at 30 fps. If we usually do one 3d render, when using 3d walkthrough rendering services, this is about 30 renders per one second. Thus, for the entire video, we make about 1000 or even more 3d renders.

3D Architectural Walkthrough technology

It is necessary to separately make an animation of people, dynamic lighting, and effects. The water also needs to be animated separately before rendering the whole scene.
A usual high-quality 3d video requires 4 to 8 people to participate, depending on the scale of the period and the overall importance of the project. Specialists without whom, in principle, it is impossible to create a high-quality 3d video are an art director, two 3d artists and one animator, a project manager. Further, the team can scale based on the importance of the project volume.
To make a competent 3D video, we need to have a lot more information. We need to understand where the building is, what is the environment around it, and what planning solutions are inside. When the Art Director starts working, he/she needs to write a quality script that will satisfy the client.
Since high-quality 3D animation is not a flight of cameras from point A to point B along a straight vector. Directing has certain rules, for example, you cannot give one target vector to the same camera 2 times in a row. Depending on which video is soft or dynamic, you need to choose the right music. So the script is written first. Further, all the points and spans that we want to show are approved by the client.


Floor plans for interior camera flights. Site plans for presenting the surroundings and exterior view of the main building

Location in Google Maps

It’s needed for modeling the objects in the particular location and finding the right plants for your area.
Our team needs to understand what your ideas are, what the desired result is, what inspires you. So we would be able to gather references that determine the final set of your heart on the result

Sketches,drafts,inspirational examples

3D Architectural Walkthrough Services

Let's go over the main points of what we should provide for high-quality and fast animation execution for your project.

Your property type

Is it a residential real estate building, a commercial property such as a luxury business center, or maybe a shopping mall?
Different music is suitable for different types of buildings. We can offer you several options for suitable music for your 3d walkthrough video. But it will be much faster and easier to choose what suits you if you share your thoughts and preferences.

Your music preferences for the project

Our Expertise

To convince you of our professionalism in 3d architectural walkthrough services, we would like to tell you about the case study of the Diva at the Bay project.
Our task was:
Making high-quality 3D animation for an expensive residential complex in the UAE. Bringing the whole atmosphere of a luxurious comfortable real estate staging there by making the right camera spans that show photorealistic images in incredible detail, choosing the right dynamic music and the right lighting.
What materials we were given, the amount of work we got to do:
The client provided us with drawings and a 3D model of the main building that we optimized.

We divided half of the island out of nothing

The whole area of ​​space is under construction. An island with as yet non-existent objects. We did not have a master plan of the models or drawings of the surroundings of the streets.
And that was our main problem. We solved it by collecting photos from all different objects of names that were around the perimeter, collecting information from different pieces, allowing us to create 3d models by ourselves. That is, we looked at the photos of other projects and, based on the photos of these projects, we created new 3d models that were integrated into our project. And this allowed us to make more dynamic, wider-span cameras so that we were not limited and we could show the object from its very best sides. Here is the result of our efforts,well-organized systematic teamwork of professionals.

Advantages of a 3D walkthrough with CGI Kite

Whether you are a real estate developer or owner, architect, or real estate agent you will benefit from 3d animation walkthrough services made by CGI Kite professional team.
Here are the main points that are essential for producing an excellent video for a property
  • There are all the necessary professionals to make a high-quality 3D architectural video. That is an art director, the required number of 3D visualizers, animators, architects with a master's degree, and designers in our team.
  • We have powerful computers for rendering that can produce top-quality 3d products.
  • Everything is very well planned for us, we always do everything at the highest level for our clients, everything is done systematically and without delays.
    Let's go through the general timing of the 3D animation tour.
    On average it takes about 2 months to give you the result:
  • 10% of the time takes concept and scenario development
  • 50% of the total time is devoted to the production and development of 3D models.
  • 20% dedicated to making and installing effects and animations.
  • 20% spent on the final stage, namely for rendering.
Frequently asked questions:

What is a 3D walkthrough?

A 3d photorealistic architectural animation representing a particular property and the surroundings in all its glance. It allows the viewers to visualize the building’s interior areas, exterior perspectives by controlled camera movements.

How do you define a 3D Walkthrough?

Why are 3D Walkthroughs better than 3D Renderings for home builders?

A 3d walkthrough is a three-dimensional representation of drawings in two dimensions, which helps to show all the advantages of a building with correctly selected music of camera spans and adjusted lighting that shows primary and secondary 3d models in the best possible light. The 3d animation walkthrough service is a complicated product as per a second there are about 30 exterior or interior renderings in it.
Real estate developers, owners, and agents can significantly benefit if they integrate 3d technology into their business. Talking about marketing, 3d animation for architecture objects helps a lot in advertising.3d visualizing of non-existing property helps a lot to get presales and attracts potential buyers.
The photorealistic 3D animation is a representation of an existing or under construction property. It is more useful for home builders as they can see the whole vision of the area, look at interior planning and exterior perspectives. 3D visualization will become a guideline for the final result and motivation for its achievement, so it inspires people so that soon, thanks to their efforts, you can get your own luxurious and indescribable atmosphere building in reality.
To make 3D interior animation, we need planning solutions. To understand how the furniture is located between each other, it is important to provide the floor plan of your building. First, designers select the right furniture and room design. After approval with the client, 3D artists make furniture models. The next step is to animate each piece of furniture. The 3D animator separates animation of certain movements, for example,animation of curtains when the wind blows or animation of dynamic light effects. After that, there is a collection of everything together and rendering.

Frequently asked questions:

Who can benefit from 3d walkthroughs?

How do you do interior animation?

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