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Visual Solutions for Real Estate

Illya, Construction Director at Bartolomeo, Ukraine

I am fully satisfied with CGI Kite services. After the first project, we began to collaborate on a permanent basis. They made for Bartolomeo Resort Town high-quality 3D animation, 3D interior and exterior renders, Virtual Reality interior and exterior tours. It helped investors and customers to understand what the finished result could look like. Will hire your team again. Thank you!

Ellada, Director of Marketing at Alef Estate, Ukraine

You made the excellent work of the historical building renovation. I gave them only blueprints and photos and they made really photorealistic 3D renders of my Trinity project.

Dmytro, Office Director at Dnipro Agro Groupe, Ukraine

We collaborated a few times and this experience was amazing. They provided me with beautiful design and 3D visualizations for the big office (1500 m2). Then we continued working on design and 3D renders for the cottage. I will definitely recommend CGI Kite!

Vadym, Chief Executive Officer at Online Expo, Russia

Denis provided me with interactive stands for the online metal exhibition. It was placed on the online portal, where customers can get acquainted with the products. I think our collaboration was successful. I will be glad to work together in the future.

Alex, Director at Emperor, United Kingdom

Denis with his team helped me with the creation of the residential complex concept. I got photorealistic 3D renders of the interior and exterior and 3D model of the building. They are professionals! I am satisfied with the finished result!

Dominic, Real estate development director, South Africa

I asked CGI Kite team to make 3D visuals of my building for the advertising. I gave them a list of furniture that will actually be present in the interior. They did such a great job!

Yitzchok, Senior interior designer at Weform Interior, USA

I found the best 3D artists ever, they work at CGI Kite! We understood each other perfectly. Designers made amazing visualizations for the office in New York. So keep it up!

Braden, President at Stridis Renderings, USA

I got high-quality 3D interior and exterior animation from CGI Kite 3D artists. I used it in my real estate promo campaign. The finished result exceeded all of my expectations. I am going to continue our collaboration. Thanks!

Aaron, Chief Executive Officer at VALO corporation, Australia

Designers from CGI Kite made for me 3D models of lighting for the stadium and high-quality 3D animation. This helps me to present my product to investors. This is not our first project with CGI Kite. They proved their professionalism in the previous projects as well.

Sivakishore, Chief Executive Officer at CubeDigiCo Incorporated, USA

CGI Kite made a few educational 3D animations for my company. I gave them the script and audio files. They synchronize it perfectly in the video. Very nice job. Good luck, guys!

Jayme, Graphic Designer, Nautika

Denis and his team create an amazing Realistic lifestyle 3D for my product. Always a pleasure to work with them! Understand the instruction, work fast, respect the deadline. They did for me 5 lifestyle renders of bath for the catalog. I will continue our successful collaboration!

Martin, Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX

The result is sensational! I am absolutely thrilled with CGI KITE work. I will be happy to get in touch with you again for a new project. I will be happy to recommend you to my colleagues.

Jacob, Managing director, Creades

Guys are real professionals and make me a cool 3D animation. I advise you to cooperate with them.

Brando, Design Director, Kardiel

The quality provided by the team is just excellent. I needed detailed 3D models of furniture that are located in a beautiful interior room. They did something incredibly beautiful. The images look very realistic but at the same time attract with their perfection in every detail. Also, the guys made my house planning project. I am sincerely pleased with the cooperation with them!

Denise, director, Cityview

The help of the CGI Kite team was an amazing experience and an essential part of my project growth. For the implementation of my project, investors had to approve it. The team made just incredibly high-quality renders of the future dormitory that is not existing yet. They helped me to present the project to investors and did everything in a very short time!

Jehoshua, Management Director, Closers Corp

Well, I liked working with CGI Kite. They made drawings for a future project in Bulgaria on the coast. Very high quality. They are all professionals!

John, partner, GloGreen

The guys made an animation for my project. This is the construction of eco-friendly houses from shipping cargo containers. I needed it to show investors the assembly technology and how the apartment would look inside. 3D visualization services helped a lot to make the project successful.

Dean, CEO, Outdoor Kitchen Centre

It has been a pleasure working with you Julie, and CGI Kite. You have been very accommodating of our requirements and the regular progress updates have been useful for our own planning. I would definitely recommend other companies to use you, for sure.

Jeff, Real Estate Agent, Douglas Elliman Real Estate

All 2 times when I worked with CGI Kite I really enjoyed how Denis and the project manager kept me posted during the project. They are real professionals in communication and just nice people who have an excellent working process. They provided me with renderings of the interiors and exteriors of the house. These photorealistic images are indistinguishable from the real photo, but they look much better. I am happy these renders helped me to sell the properties much faster. Thank you, guys!

Alexey, founder, CannTekFarm

Denis's team is really professional. I am glad that I turned to them so they did everything on time, taking into account all the wishes. I needed a high-quality visualization of my cannabis facility in Canada. It looks great, thanks!

James, Brand Manager, Small Robot Company

We have a start-up that is just developing. These are innovative robots for the farm. We needed to make a 3D animation about how the robots work for our startup presentation. We had very little time. But the guys tried to meet the deadlines and we are happy with what we have.

Andrey, Investor, Connect East Development

This is not the first time I collaborate with CGI Kite. I give them the drawings made by my architects. And they provide me with 3D renders of houses outdoors and the environment. Everything looks really realistic, I will continue to cooperate with them.

Anita, founder, IMMO ATELIER

I am very pleased with the cooperation with the CGI Kite team. Since firstly I received an incredibly photorealistic image of my future office, which is under renovation now, and secondly, I fully enjoyed communication with their project manager and CEO.

Casper, CEO, Visibo

Using CGI Kite services has been one of the best choices in my life. They did exactly what I wanted. Such realistic, beautiful images of my ski resort. I collaborated with them two times. The guys really helped me with advertising my project. I am happy with the growth of my business. Thank you!

Nia, Digital Strategy Executive, Cornestone Group

I am completely satisfied with the 3D visualization you made. With the help of CGI Kite service, I can see how the design of the clinic will look soon and our clients will be happy to see in advance where they are going.