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Partner with our expert team for exceptional photorealistic renderings that capture every nuance of your design and elevate your exterior visualization.
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What Makes CGI-Kite Stand Out

  • Unrivaled Expertise: Our team comprises 3D artists, architects, and animators with extensive knowledge of architectural visualization and animation principles.
  • Global Vision: We accommodate diverse styles and preferences, leveraging insights gained from a worldwide clientele.

3D Exterior Visualization Project Structure

Project Scope Definition
Gathering all necessary information, including architectural drawings, reference images, and project goals.
Camera Angle Selection
Collaborating with the client to choose the most impactful camera angles.
3D Model Creation
Building a detailed 3D model based on provided information.
Detail and Texture Development
Adding realism through textures, materials, and lighting.
Rendering in Color
Creating final, full-color renderings.
Final Delivery
Delivering high-resolution 3D renders that meet client expectations.

Project Timeline & Rendering Process

Project Timeline:

  • Flexible, based on project volume
  • Timely completion within your deadline
  • Adjustable to ensure both quality and timeliness

Rendering process:

  • 3D Modeling of the digital structure of your exterior
  • Texturing & Lighting for realistic representation of textures, materials, and effects
  • Delivering final results in high-resolution 3D renders showcasing every detail.

Frequently asked questions

What is outside rendering?
Outside rendering or exterior rendering is a photorealistic image showing the property with its surroundings in an appropriate way. The purpose of rendering is to recreate the real-life view of the site, presenting the building in detail, similar to its original materials and exact dimensions. Also, it includes a detailed showing of the site development, such as road, plans, outdoor furniture.
How much does external rendering cost?
As for the price, it depends on each project in particular. Let's take a closer look at which nuances in the project affect the exterior 3d renderings price. The level of detail of the main object and its surroundings. The cost of exterior rendering directly depends on how detailed the photo-realistic image should be, since the better the quality and more details, the more materials, time, and effort 3D artists spend. If you have a 3D model of the main building with its surroundings or something from this, then this will reduce the price. Deadlines. Namely, the price depends on how tight your deadlines are. The more time we have to complete the work, the less we have to rush, and accordingly, the price is less. The number of renders also affects the overall price. Since we usually give a discount for a large number of 3D exterior renders.
Why is 3D rendering important?
3d exterior rendering services help real estate to grow rapidly by providing it with high-quality 3D photorealistic visualizations. As for marketing campaigns, 3d renders assist in increasing advertising. 3D visualization of non-existing property helps a lot to get presales and attracts potential buyers. The quality is so high some potential buyers might not even realize they're looking at a simulated image and not the real thing.
How many revisions are usually done while making 3d exterior renderings?
Basically, we have about two edits per exterior render. Correcting or adding something is completely different in its degree. Some can change the project at the request of the client by no more than 10%, while others change the picture by more than 50%, which will greatly affect the time, material costs, and efforts of the 3D visualizer. We always try to listen to the client and fulfill all his requirements and at the same time give advice on how this or that render will look better.
Who is working on exterior 3d renderings?
There are only exceptional professionals in our team. Especially on 3d exterior renderings are working CGI Kite’s architects with Master’s degree and exterior 3d artists. So, there is no doubt the image for your real estate project is going to be photorealistic and high quality.