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  • Typology: Building
  • Location: Ukraine
  • Status : Final render of the project
  • Tags: Visualisation​​​​​​​ exterior
  • Completion time : 3 month

This is the design of the cottage, placed in Dnipro, Ukraine. CGI Kite team created drafts, visual image of the object and 3D visualizations. Cottage was made with concrete in a modern style. Our main task was to fit the object into the landscape according to the relief. The cottage is placed on an uneven surface. We decided to use it by moving the entire living area to the 2nd floor, and the 1st floor contains only technical rooms. The object is under construction now. We keep working on interior design, so you will see it soon. Enjoy watching!

Thank you for watching!

Contact information +38 068 208 49 46

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