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From Concept to Commerce: our studio provides inclusive support at every stage of the design process. We're all about sculpting spaces that nail your business goals and smash quality standards.
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Crafting Your Vision:
Our Project Workflow

Stage 1:
Defining Your Vision
Together, we embark on the journey of your project, starting with the fundamental concepts. You'll receive a mood board that encapsulates the envisioned aesthetic of your space, complete with inspirational references, a harmonized color palette, and key design elements.
Stage 2:
Layout Development
Once the concept is set, we progress to detailed 3D modeling. We focus on maximizing functionality and optimizing space organization through advanced BIM models. The outcome is a precise layout that strategically places furniture and equipment for optimal flow and utility.
Stage 3:
Visualizing the Future
Moving forward, we generate photorealistic visualizations and dynamic animations to give you a true sense of the final project. Expect a detailed visual preview of key areas, enhancing your ability to envision the completed space, possibly complemented by a virtual tour.
Stage 4:
Ready for Construction - Blueprints for Building
Following the detailed visualizations, we prepare all necessary construction plans. You'll receive comprehensive architectural, engineering, and structural drawings that provide every detail needed for precise construction execution.

Bringing Architectural Visions to Life

At CGI Kite, our mission is to breathe life into real estate concepts by transforming them into stunning architectural CGI visualizations. We aim to captivate and inspire through unparalleled 3D imagery, delivering an emotionally impactful and visually unforgettable experience for our audience.
Support Through Execution
As a part of our extended services, we offer ongoing consultation throughout the project implementation to ensure adherence to the design and quality standards. The specifics of this support are customized for each project, with details and terms discussed individually.

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