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Bartolomeo Resort Town

  • Typology: Building
  • Location: Ukraine, DNIPRO
  • Status: sketch render for the project
  • Tags: 3Dvideo, infographic, render
  • Schedule: 3 weeks

For the competent creation of the project, we divided it into stages. 1_first, creating a video using a local drone in the city. In good weather conditions, it is important that the drone shoots smoothly. 2_render sketch video. in white, to coordinate the flight of cameras. 3_render of all cameras, at least 2–3 images per flight. In this video you see 8 flights, for it, we did 24 renderings, for agreemente of architecture. 4_And the finale! fine! only 45 seconds, in one second 24 pictures of the entire video consist of 1080 renderings. we collect all the renderings in one video, mount, congratulations! video is ready)

Thank you for watching!

Contact information +38 068 208 49 46

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