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Types of architectural drawings, types of construction drawings, structural drawings of buildings – CGI Kite

by Dev

July 13, 2021

4 min read

Types of architectural drawings

We are often faced with the fact that customers and even part of our team who are not architects or 3D visualizers confuse different types of drawings and, respectively, their purposes. Most likely, if you did not study architecture or did not understand how to distinguish drawings in free leisure, well, or in extreme cases, you were not forced by your professional activity, then you will think that only architectural drawings are directly related to the construction of this or that building. Yes, you will be right, because often we personally work with architectural drawings and nothing more. And in this article, we want to tell you exactly about the types of architectural drawings. But first, let’s take a closer look at how it all works. Do not worry about anything complicated, we just want to tell you in general about what drawings are still needed to build buildings of different types. As various drawings’ types are used while designing, constructing the building process. 


Well, in order to construct a building we obviously need a building construction drawing.

Let’s clarify what this is.

Construction drawings


There are many types of construction drawings, including architectural ones. But first, it’s important to clarify the construction drawing definition. Construction drawings serve for a precise understanding of all the measures of comprehensive drawings, such as floor plan, 3D floor plan, of a thorough design, building parts, and its decorations. It’s essential for a contractor as it guides him while the building process. Construction schematics or construction designs help to clarify the dimensions, decors, materials, and other details.  Inscriptions, written measurements on an accurate construction diagram assist a construction developer without the requirements for supplementary information or extra communications.

Official use

Let’s take a look at the official part of the building construction drawing.

Construction drawing is the term constructors, architects use for different types of blueprint drawings that must be included in the detailed description of the construction. There are many types of construction drawing, it depends on a construction project in particular. For example, it can be a commercial building architectural drawing. Commercial construction plans or residential ones are usually absorbed into documents of a tender. Thus, they are lawfully significant as an official agreement between the contractors and their employees.


Let’s go through a general description of each of the types of drawings included in drawing construction.

1. Architectural Drawing

This type of construction sketch is the main and basic one for all the other drawings of the building. It consists of all the working drawings in architecture such as site and location plan, floor and section plan, etc.

2. Structural Drawing

The term can be explained as the spinal column drawing of a construction. It can also be categorized as structural drawings of buildings as it consists of all the information about the interpositions of a building structure. Structural drawings carry very details and detailed descriptions.

3. Electrical Drawing

It acts for representing the details of the electrical installations, switches location, etc.

4. Plumbing Drawing

This type of drawing is shown the place of sanitary, water suppling system, fixture installation.

5. Finishing Drawings

This drawing acts for the ending stage of every building element’s type, such as floor design, colors for painting, textures. These kinds of details can be given sometimes in elevation drawings, as there is no strict rule for every project in particular.

Architectural  drawings

Well, we figured out what is a construction drawing and propose going to types of architectural drawings.


Architectural drawing is straightforwardly applied to commercial or residential drawings. Drawings for technical usage are visual presenting symbols carrying specific protocols of scale and estimate. They can be used as civil engineering drawings, commercial blueprints, or even construction line art.

Namely, they are a number of sketches and plans that are used for designing, constructing the buildings. It’s a scheme, representing a particular construction.


1. Site Plan

The site plan is based on the structure of the building, but the main focus is on the surroundings. The level of detail of the land around the building is high.

It is primarily used for bounding the plan on the outside flooring, representing the location’s orientation. Also, it gives an understanding of the area’s topography, landscaping details.

2. Working Plan

The type of drawing provides us with information on ground parallel building’s dimensions, how thicks the walls are, empty areas inside the construction. It, also, represents the required openings in the building such as entrances, particularly doors, windows, ventilators.

3. Section Drawings

This kind of civil drawing shows the construction material which is going to be used, measurement of the variety of building’s objects, different structural components types. The drawing shows the building cutting through the vertical-horizontal.

4. Elevation Drawing

These are types of blueprints that give information about the size of the outer surface, building height. Elevation drawings represent a building’s aesthetic view.


We went through some of the details about different types of drawings we hope that now it is easier for you to distinguish between the types of architectural drawings. There are plenty of construction drawings and they include other types of drawings that are categorized by types. Our team not only makes 3D visualization,  Interior visualization, based on architectural drawings but, actually, can provide you with this service since our team has Master’s degree architects with many years of experience.