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3D Architectural Exterior Rendering For Real Estate: The Important Things To Know When Using 3D Visualization Services – CGI Kite

by Dev

July 13, 2021

5 min read

3D Architectural Exterior Rendering For Real Estate: The Important Things To Know When Using 3D Visualization Services

The real estate owners, architects, and managers of architectural projects who are using  3D exterior rendering services for the first time sometimes underrate the level of property rendering photorealism. Consequently, being unaware of the full potential of CGI, the clients can be found lacking the desirable result for their projects. As they place orders for visualization services without supplying sufficient technical specification, concept, description of desirable style references, or comments for the 3d real estate rendering.

That is to say, set low expectations from the start. But after, do not get enough realistic ambiance and environmental details due to a lack of understanding of the importance of this for realistic 3d renders.

Professional 3D studios are aware of this and our 3D artists will always take care of all the details to provide you with the most realistic CGI. What it takes to make 3d rendering for real estate are site drawings, floor plans, presentations, real photos of the area, coordinates in Google Maps, concept, desirable weather on the particular render, and any additional information. 3D artists use these details to model, texture, and lighten the scene – creating fascinating pictures bringing ideas to real life.

Since there are many factors that the client should consider, including weather conditions,  time of the day, lighting, surrounding components, and the level of environment detail. We decided to list the ways in how the surrounding can be represented. The 3 main points needed to provide the desired 3d architect rendering result:

1. References and general concept

First, designers, architects, and 3D artists need to acknowledge the desirable result, which does not mean that we will demand an exact description of what you want. But on the contrary, tell us about your dreams, mood. What atmosphere do you want to feel when looking at the exterior render. To suggest the nuances an architect or designer needs to see general-purpose, some inspiring reference pictures.

It’s significant to understand the outlines of a project at the early stages to make a render that conveys the right mood and takes you into reality when you look at it. Also, we need to know the purpose of a project, whether it is supposed to be commercial building renderings or residential ones, such as 3d renderings of houses. It will be absolutely enough to provide us with some pictures, references, describing the atmosphere of the property place, maybe some architectural sketches for this purpose.

Moreover, by telling your wishes beforehand, 3D Artists will be able to change small details during the process and suggest some working solutions. The option works not only for visualization but is convenient to see what architectural solutions work and what better to change before the property is built.

The desirable weather conditions and lightning are equally important; it influences how the project is presented. Lighting for 3D rendering is the most important factor for creating an ambiance and evoking emotions in viewers. But don’t worry if you are not sure which option could work better. The CGI-Kite team can work with different options 3D visualizations and create a number of renders showing the property with its surroundings in various weather conditions. But 3D artists need to understand in the brief which weather conditions are desirable. The cloudy sky or sunny weather? For example, the first render can demonstrate their property in detail in bright sunlight. While the second represents the melancholy calm atmosphere of a site.

2. Real photos and location 

Photo of the area, its geographic coordinates on a Google map play a very important role when doing the exterior building rendering. After all, the CGI Kite team can supply an incredibly accurate visualization, conventionally, of each bush, tree, to select the most suitable density of grass or asphalt texture of the road for particular real estate renderings.

3. Drawings

How precise an exterior house rendering will fully depend on architectural drawings.

The most suitable for the exterior rendering is site drawings. As they allow 3D Artists to figure out what the surroundings are. It also allows coming to the needed environment representation.

The preparation for the construction process sometimes includes photorealistic exterior renderings as a reference to the finished result. Builders and engineers need more detailed 3D visualization, so references must be more precise as well. In this case, Architects should send floor plans, elevation, cross-section, and other construction drawings.

We recommend sending such files in CAD, DWG, or other format opening in 2D drawing software, in which 3D Artists are able to prospect all in the very detail.


Let’s summarize the most significant things about 3D exterior rendering!

One of the good things about a compositional 3D exterior visualization is – that it represents not only the building but also its surroundings in a realistic way.

It lets the potential buyer or investor have a complete apprehension of a project. As it’s possible to order exterior visualizations, such as renderings of houses showing a building in several settings, one can understand which materials used for design work the best in different lighting states. Furthermore, 3D artists will show the environment, and weather conditions that best reflect the atmosphere of the building.

As you understand now, choosing the context that works best for your purposes is a crucial step in creating exceptional architectural 3D visualization.